Trump licked, shot Biden, citing the Second Amendment

Oct 6, 2020     zhelyo     2015
GRUMPY OLD MEN, USA - US President Donald Trump licked Democratic candidate Joe Biden, thus infecting him with COVID-19. He then wounded him with a machine gun.

"I've put my great tongue on him to show that the coronavirus is not as dangerous as the liberal media with their fake news makes it to serve the Big Pharma," Trump explained, spitting his fingers in preparation for grabbing some journalists intimate areas.

Asked why he shot his opponent then, Trump said it had nothing to do with the fictional pandemic.
"I shot this old man because of my right to self-defence. Can you imagine this senile old man ruling our country? He will ruin it. I defended myself, but I also defended the homeland from this antique," Trump said about the former vice president who is three and a half years older than him.

On his behalf, Biden explained that he had no idea what lickings and shootings were in question. He said that he did not remember leaving the house for the last two months and wished Hillary Clinton success.

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