Invitation for Mr Donald J. Trump to use our media as his platform

May 29, 2020     zhelyo     3829
Hello dear President of the USA,

We, at media №37 in Bulgaria and №32 in the World, heard about your freedom of speech problems. Twitter sucks. Facebook has blocked our account on several occasions. And at we understand what position are you in.

So we would like to invite you to become a part of our honest, brave and truthful editorial team. Write on whatever topics you have the expertise, deliver short or long text all day long. For free. And with no form of censorship.
Join us, Mr Donald, let's fight together for a really free and handsome World!

Bonus: We have no comment section on-site, so no trolls here. 

PS: Bring Ivanka too. She'll become an honorary Bulgarian in an instant.

Should Donald join us?

Избери отговор!